M.I.O.S. – Live at Festival of Industrial Music, Prague 1989 (CS Industrial 1982-2010)

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A mysterious duo consisting of two industrial performers (D.U. and B), M.I.O.S is a crucial part of a specific chapter in the history of Czechoslovakian extreme music of the second half of the 80’s. Simple ritual aesthetics, noisy tapes, intensive work with metal and iron material, noises and abusing musical and non-musical instruments are the main elements of M.I.O.S.’s music, and this release (CS Industrial’s sixth) shows them at the height of their creativity during their live performance at the first Festival of Industrial Music at club Delta in Prague (April 1989).

The performance was divided in three parts, which were accompanied by specific stage performance with the elements of “modern primitivism”, when the performers themselves became part of post-apocalyptic tribe holding their ritual of metal and noise, using special brass instruments, extraordinary body paint, broken glass on stage and other elements which were highly uncommon in Czechoslovakian music scene of late 80’s.

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About CS Industrial 1982-2010

“CS Industrial 1982-2010” is an online label, ran by Přemysl Ondra, Čenda Šopek, Michael Borůvka, which has been documenting the Czech and Slovak industrial scene. Focusing on the years 1982- 2010 and related cultural structures, it offers deep insight into the first chapters of Czech and Slovak specific electronic music genres. All of their releases from the 1982-1989 period will be made available on Unearthing The Music and can also and already be heard on their website, alongside more recent music.

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